Open source data-driven experimental sampler

Visualize your collection of short audio samples in an interactive 2D point map using machine learning technology.

Analyze resulting groups and play your samples in a novel way using various innovative music composition modes.

Explorer Unit

Explore your sound collection listening the generated map and discover latent timbric relations

Particle Unit

Emit particles using a MIDI keyboard for a granular synthesizer-like approach

Sequence Unit

Define an arbitrary sequence of sounds and traverse through latent space using distance as rhythm




Machine Learning & Art Lab
MUNTREF Centro de Arte y Ciencia

Leandro Garber

Lead researcher, developer

Tomás Ciccola

Co-Investigator, developer

Juan Cruz Amusategui

Developer, OSX releases

Agustín Spinetto

Sound artist, alpha tester

Sabrina García

Intern developer

Luca Belloti

Intern sound artist

Juan Manuel Daza

Website developer

Mailing list:

audiostellar {at} googlegroups {dot} com

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